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Application Form - Festival

Photo Instructions

Please submit a photo of the applicant. The photo will be used only to publish the finalists of the Festival on our website and social media. Sending a photo is not obligatory.

  • Image file size: Before sending check the image file size. Please resize your photo if it exceeds 1.5 MB in size.
  • Image file name: Before sending check the image file name. The file name should include Your Name and nothing more.
  • Image file format: We accept JPEG and PNG files only.
  • Do not submit more than 1 photo.

Application Fee

Pay the non-refundable application fee of $30. The application process is completed when the application form and the fee have been submitted. The payment description should include the full name of the applicant. Please keep your confirmation of payment.

The competition fee must be paid to the following account:

Commonwealth Bank
Society of Polish Culture in Victoria
BSB 063-240
Acc 1010-9369


Festival participants, up to 11 years – must perform two selected pieces, contrasting, by various composers; performance time: between 3-8 minutes.

Please detail below, the full name of the music pieces and full name of the composers.

Web link(s)

Insert here the web link(s) to your audio-video audition as separate music pieces or a full program. Audio-video recordings must be genuinely performed by applicants and must not be edited, nor should any effects be added. If you submit YouTube links, ensure your video(s) have the proper settings: YouTube Video Manager → videos → Basic Info → from the drop-down menu, please choose "Public" or "Unlisted". Do not choose "Private".


All pieces in the entrant’s program which require an accompaniment must have a “live” accompanist. The accompaniment in instrumental sections must be played on an acoustic piano.

Select the correct one:

Official accompanist – please read the conditions, Festival Rules, pars. 23-25. If you need to contact our official accompanist, find the information on PolMusicA website: contact – Konrad Olszewski.

Parent/Guardian - Instructions

As all applicants are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must complete and sign this Application Form on behalf of the applicant.

Applicant's Consent or Parent/Guardian's Consent

By checking the box below (1) I confirm that I've read and understand the Competition Rules, (2) I agree to abide by all rules, procedures/instructions of the competition, (3) I understand and agree that incomplete application and/or failure to comply with any of the rules/procedures/instructions, and/or non-payment of the administrative fee, and/or submitting this Application Form after the deadline might result in my disqualification without notice, (4) I understand and agree that the application fee is non-refundable, (5) I understand and agree that all decisions made by the judges are final and may not be appealed, (6) I certify that the information given on this Application Form is correct, (7) I acknowledge that I am not relying upon any representation, warranty, condition, agreement or understanding, written or oral, except as specified herein or elsewhere on The Polish Music Competition-Australia website, (8) I warrant and represent that I have the right to submit this Application Form, no consent or approval of a third party is required, and I am not subject to any contract, commitment, agreement, arrangement or restriction of any kind which would prevent me from doing so. The checking of the box below shall be binding to the same extent as an original signature.